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Piper Cheyenne II

The Piper Cheyenne II provides remarkable flexibility. Its runway performance lets you get in and out of airports  The clean lines, rich materials, recessed aisle, and extra headroom and elbowroom rivals aircraft costing many times more.

Piper Cheyenne II                                                                                             $1,320/hr

Wait time                                                                                                          $50.00/hr

Minimum usage                                                                                                  1.5h/day

No fuel surcharges

Speed: 250 Kts

Range: 1,200 NM

Additional charges: $250.00 per day for a copilot, applies on the turboprops if requested.

US Domestic overnight fee: $700.00

International overnight fee: $750.00

Landing fees, Customs fees, International over flight permits and all applicable taxes will be at the expense of the Customer. Other applicable expenses may apply.