Mar 15 2013 Limo the-fleet,

Only a few brands in the car industry can capture the imagination like a Cadillac. Promising an unfiltered approach towards luxurious excellence, these cars are highly reputed for their impeccable build quality and extravagance. Over the years, they have created all kinds of automotive icons. One model in our current product line that is sure to follow those footsteps is the Escalade.

For some time now, the SUV has become some sort of a luxury item. While it was originally intended for the rough-and-tumble nature of the outdoors, some people found a new use for them: as a luxury vehicle made to cruise the streets in style. After all, this made a lot of sense. Because of its size, it made a strong presence on the road (a must for any legit luxury car). As a bonus, it has a lot of space for extra amenities as well as customization options. But when it comes to extravagance on an SUV, it’s the Escalade that set the bar.

Boy, did they set the bar high. This car is constructed in the usual Cadillac fashion, with luxurious items included in just about any nook and cranny of this vehicle. With all kinds of gizmos installed and a suspension tuned for better on-road performance, this is a car designed for people who want to get pampered. As a result, this car became popular to both celebrities and custom car enthusiasts.

Given its popularity, it would always be an intriguing prospect to ride on a Cadillac Escalade. And with the help of us here at Text Me A Limo, you and up to 7 of your friends can experience riding on a true luxury SUV.