Mercedes S550

Mar 15 2013 Limo the-fleet,

When it comes to automobiles, only a few brands are as recognizable as Mercedes Benz. This German car manufacturer, with their strong approach towards making the best cars on the road, has produced everything ranging from luxury cars to super sports cars, and they each produced them with impeccable flair. Still, even while they have produced all kinds of iconic vehicles in their long history, only a few of them is as recognizable as the S-Class. Are you wondering how it would be like to ride shotgun on the S550?

The 5th generation S-Class model is one of the most critically-acclaimed models Mercedes Benz has in years. After all, anytime you’re able to improve on an already-impressive legend, then you absolutely deserve the hype you receive. For starters, here are just some of the improvements this car received. All engines in this series were vastly improved, resulting into the production of more power, and the interior is restructured for a more luxurious ride. Combine that with other new technological features, and you get a car that is sharp in every sense of the word.

While the S550 has the characteristics of your typical S-Class car (which actually means a very good thing), it has something that makes it stand out against practically any competitor in the luxury car market: a sports-car like performance. Take for example acceleration. It’s been recorded that it can go from 0 to 60 in just over 5 seconds, which is a number already in sports car territory. While it’s marginally slower than the AMG versions, this proves that this car is certainly no slouch.

A combination of pedigree, style, luxury, and performance makes the Mercedes Benz S550 stand out in the full size luxury sedan market.