Mercedes Sprinter

Mar 15 2013 Limo the-fleet,


Customizing cars is not exactly a new concept. After all, anyone would like a car that is constructed according to their own personal preference. And while these cars are great in their own right, some custom cars stand out more than others. One effective technique to make a custom car stand out from the others is to customize something that is not usually customized. And one such car is the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

The Sprinter has made a reputation as one of the best vans in the world. Built in typical Mercedes Benz fashion, this car is certainly built like a tank, even becoming a very popular fixture in the utility vehicle market. It became a very popular model for those looking for a delivery van or a minibus because of these properties. But while they are much admired for what they are, these cars are still somewhat underappreciated. Our specialized mini-bus model just might change your view of these seemingly made-for-business beasts.

This Mercedes Benz Sprinter has been given our treatment and can now compete with just about any custom car out there. With an all-black paint job and custom wheels, it has a menacing look that will get stares anywhere. But it’s on the inside that makes it unique. Certainly not forgetting its roots as a people carrier, it can carry up to 12 people in total comfort. Furthermore, these seats can be rearranged to accommodate more luggage. Certainly, this is not your ordinary luxury car.

If you have a big group to carry for a major event, getting a Mercedes Benz Sprinter to handle the job sounds like a great idea. It would even be better if you’ll be using a tricked-out version of this ride.